I discovered the genius of Phoebe Waller-Bridge when I first started watching Fleabag. Crashing is another one of her shows now streaming on Netflix. It focuses on a group of late twenty somethings a la Friends living together in a converted old hospital. Flighty and reckless LuLu (Waller-Bridge) has landed on the door of her childhood best friend and aspiring chef Anthony (Damien Molony) who is living in the hospital with his uptight fiancee Kate (Louise Ford). Their flatmates include an intense french painter named Melody, womanizer named Sam, and shy guy Fred.  While the first season is quite short with only six thirty minute episodes, its characters are fully fledged where each individual is humanized enough for the viewer to relate.

The crux of the storyline revolves around Lulu, Anthony, and Kate. While the other characters have their own storylines with Sam grappling with his father’s death and Fred is starting a new relationship while grappling with his feelings for Sam.  Lulu and Anthony try to defy their very obvious feelings from each other while Kate in an effort to stem her jealously, hires Lulu on as a receptionist at her office, where Lulu becomes admired by all due to her fun personality – the antithesis of Kate (who can’t even fart in front of Anthony.)

Crashing’s humor relishes in the uncomfortable and somewhat painful moments of human interactions and emotions.  Waller-Bridge and Ford standout in their push and pull relationship of opposites . While both are trying to change to become more like the other. Though in the end they both realize that they can’t change who they are no matter how much they want to.  They both are play the insecurities of their characters in a subtle and nuanced way that really makes the viewer emphasize with both sides.

Like Fleabag, it also relays the message that it’s ok to not have your life figured out yet in your twenties. As constant changes, setbacks, and sometimes even growth are inevitable. Crashing is a fun quick watch and good for a laugh with an occasional awkward grimace.

Crashing is available to stream on Netflix with subscription. 


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