This past week I’ve discovered the dangerous advantages to downloading Netflix shows for offline viewing on your phone.  With this in mind I’ve managed to watch the first season of iZombie in a week.  iZombie is a current CW show with its first two seasons on Netflix. The show is written and produced by Rob Thomas of Veronica Mars fame. The show has a similar plot with a quirky female protagonist solving crimes by day and dealing with her complicated love life at night. However, Liv Moore (Rose McIver) is not your average protagonist – she’s a zombie.

Workaholic medical resident, Liv decides to take a break one night and ends up at a boat party where a tainted batch of the drug Utopium ends up making people turned into Zombies. Liv is scratched by drug dealer Blaine and ends up infected with the zombie virus and a craving for brains. She manages to find her brains through her new job as the assistant medical examiner Liv tells her secret to her boss Ravi. On top of all the transitions Liv realizes that she gets visions and character traits of whomever she last ate. These visions come in handy as she teams up with detective Clive Babineaux to help solve crimes after eating the murder victims brains’ to trigger visions.

While Liv helps to solve these crimes each week she deals with her ex-fiance Major, and best friend Peyton, who don’t know about her zombie lifestyle but have noticed a strong change in her demeanor. Each episode focuses on a different murder while the other major emotional storylines around Liv are intertwined. Like Veronica Mars, the show has a film noir aspect, which is reflected in the styling of the show and general tone. The setting of Seattle is wonderfully incorporated and a refreshing change of scenery for a procedural which are mostly based in New York or California.

The stories don’t have a ton of emotional depth but the characters are somewhat relatable (other than the whole zombie part..) and the plots never seem tired or recycled. It’s a great procedural that is able to combine dark murder and lighthearted romantic comedy moments, often in the same scene. If you’re interested in a slightly brainless (pun intended) but quirky and cheesy crime procedural check out iZombie next time you’re perusing through Netflix.

iZombie Seasons 1-2 are available to stream on Netflix with subscription



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