One Mississippi

I’ve been a fan of Tig Notaro’s stand up for a while now and loved her Documentary “Tig” (now streaming on Netflix). So when I saw that she had a new series streaming on Amazon Prime I immediately added it to my list. One Mississippi is a loosely biographical dramedy about Tig, who  -after having serious health problems of her own – returns to her childhood home in Mississippi after her moms death.

The series opens with Tig  heading back to Mississippi from LA to watch as her mom is pulled off life support after a fatal fall. She is joined by her brother Remy (Noah Harpster) and her Stepfather Bill (John Rothman). The show is loosely chronological and follows the aftermath of Tig’s mothers death as well as presenting some flashbacks from her complicated childhood.  Tigs sharp and often brutally dry humor is peppered throughout every scene. This is evidently displayed in the character of Bill, whose lack of compassion after Tig and Remy’s mothers death is written so astutely it garnered a fair amount of laughs along with a tinge of heartache. Remy and Tig’s relationship is incredibly nuanced and a core center of the series. It is quickly clear that they don’t have anything in common but they are forever bonded through their slightly tragic childhood.

The sleepy setting of the Mississippi Bayou adds wonderful scenery that allows for a colorful cast of supporting characters, from Tigs and Remy’s drunken father to the old southern ladies that head the Mardi Gras festivities. Some of the best comedic moments involve Tig’s LA girlfriend (Casey Wilson) asserting her culture of probiotic shakes and crystals on that of Bill and Remy’s Mississippi southern lifestyle. The flashbacks with Tig and her mother are not overdone and help to balance how Tig viewed her mother before her death and helps to paint a fuller picture as Tig discovers secrets about her mom after her death.

Throughout the series Tig suffers a series of personal and professional setbacks. Like in her standup, she doesn’t make the viewer feel sorry for her or play the victim. Although it compares quite closely to Tig’s real life it also distances the realism through a series of over the top secondary characters. The series is incredibly refreshing but still is able to carry the emotional weight of the dark subject matter. Combined with a great cast, dialogue, and setting and should be next on your streaming list.

One Mississippi is available to stream on Amazon Prime with a subscription



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