How to be Single

After a stressful few weeks, all I wanted to do was to sit back and relax with a mindless romcom. That need was answered with the film How to be Single.  It’s a little different from the average romcom as the main message is more about finding and loving yourself than a mate. The film stars Dakota Johnson as Alice, a new recently single college grad, her party animal friend Robin (Rebel Wilson) and her older sister Meg (Leslie Mann) an Ob-Gyn who tries to avoid relationships and having a baby of her own at all costs. Another storyline is that of Lucy (Alison Brie) a hopeless romantic who’s determined to find the perfect man by putting herself through a series of hapless online dates under the watchful eye of super commitment phobe Tom (Anders Helm) the owner of the bar downstairs from Lucy’s apartment.

Alice delves headfirst into NYC single life, however it becomes a lot harder to manage as she sees her ex-boyfriend Josh quickly couple up, while still is trying to find her independence.  In the end Lucy and Meg end up finding love when they least expected it and Tom learns that sometimes it might be good to give love a chance. Alice also realizes that sometimes, being single is not so bad after a series of short dating mishaps. A lot of the dating dos and don’t of 21st century courtships are highlighted and very relatable to the films’ intended young female audience. The characters online dating and technology issues as well as hookup culture is something that nearly every millennial has experienced.

Dakota Johnson plays her part of the straight (wo)man amongst comedic genius Rebel Wilson, whose best moments of witty and slightly shocking one liners seem appropriately improvised. Leslie Mann and Alison Brie also lend excellent support in this mostly female driven comedy. It is nice to see a romantic comedy where the woman doesn’t need the help and support of a man in the end and can find peace and happiness on her own. The storyline of Lucy and Tom however seems pretty disconnected from the rest of the group and isn’t necessary in Alice’s journey. In the end the film serves its purpose. It is funny, relatable, and a good amount of escapism, as everyone finds their happiness or starts to find their way in the end.

How To Be Single is available to stream on HBOGo with subscription.


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