Look Who’s Back

What if Hitler was around today?  Look Who’s Back (Er ist wieder da) is a German comedy and mockumentary which takes the idea of Hitler being around today as a marker for how much Germany has changed since the rise of the third reich.

Instead of dying in his bunker Hitler drops into present day Berlin and is discovered by down on his luck TV producer, Fabian who is looking for his next big story. Fabian, in the beginning believes Hitler a method actor or mentally ill. He realizes he found his break break after  seeing Germans reactions to Hitler and has him travel around interacting with Germans across the country. Hitler interacts with German’s and comments on present day issues, like immigration and the parallel of his nationalistic views and those of present day Germans is often cringeworthy for the viewer. Fabian pitches Hitler to the  TV station and he soon is working his way through the talk show circuit and becomes a national star “comedian”.  Fabian is happy to support Hitler as long as he helps to support his career goals.  Though after seeing a Hitlers reaction to a Holocaust survivor and watching the otherworldly footage of where Hitler landed. Fabian comes to the hard realization that his friend Hitler is the actual dictator.

However, by the time of Fabian’s epiphany he has completely lost control of the situation as the power hungry and morally corrupt TV executives fight on how to make Hitler a star. Hitler is exposed for a moment as footage is released of him shooting a dog. Though he is able to bounce back with a bestselling novel that is commissioned to make into a feature film.  Fabian, reeling from the knowledge that Hitler has returned ends up being committed to a mental hospital. While the film ends with Hitler pondering a political run in modern Germany with the support of the growing sense of nationalism.

Although the film initially presents itself as a comedic farce, its message relays a darker societal issue. That of the growing sense of nationalism that is occurring throughout the western world. As the west tries to handle the highest levels of immigration since World War II.  Everyone should watch this film in the wake of the current presidential election as it shows how the horrors of history can easily repeat when anger and ignorance are celebrated.


Look Who’s Back (Er ist wieder da) is available to stream right now on Netflix


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